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Behind the Scenes: Functionality of Modern Web Browsers (German only)

Another interesting post by Html5Rocks: Behind the scenes of modern web browsers.


Splashnology – 38 fresh jQuery Plugins

Splashnology informs about some new jQuery Plugins for Web Developers.

30 jQuery UI Framework Plugins – Designmodo

Some nice and handy jQuery Plugins presented by Designmodo.

HTML5 forms input types

Read more about HTML5 forms input types outlined by HTML5 Doctor.

Top 7 reasons to learn Java 7 SE

Maybe worthwhile considering: Check out the Top 7 Reasons to learn Java 7 SE.

html5video – A jQuery plugin

Checkout the video player plugin posted by HTML5 Ninja.

Code review guidelines w/ checklists for developers and reviewers

Just spotted this interesting post related to code review guidelines on Google+.

Animate.css – a bunch of plug-and-play css-animations

Check out Animate.css

jlPlayer – A Fully Customizable HTML5 Audio Player With jQuery And jQuery UI

jlPlayer is a totally theme-able, customizable audio player, built upon the HTML5, jQuery, & jQuery UIframeworks.

Deactivate your Java! Or just get the latest Java Version 7 Update 11…

I just found an interesting post on Google+ :

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security advises users to immediately deactivate Oracle’s Java due to its security flaws.

As a reaction to the security problems, Oracle offers a security fix w/ Java 7 Update 11.

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