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Troubleshooting Google Talk Sign-In with Trillian Mobile on Android

I just came along a problem while logging into my Google Talk account via Trillian.

Google interprets a login attempt as a security breach if it came from an application not using Google’s Single Sign On mechanism… I received an email asking me to reset my Google password. But actually a password change is not required:

You are asked if it was you who tried to access your account. If so, you need to log in w/ this very application within the next 10 minutes. Then you are all set.


Deactivate your Java! Or just get the latest Java Version 7 Update 11…

I just found an interesting post on Google+ :

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security advises users to immediately deactivate Oracle’s Java due to its security flaws.

As a reaction to the security problems, Oracle offers a security fix w/ Java 7 Update 11.

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